Nike SB Bruin React T Review

Nike SB Bruin React T

I’ve skated a pair of Nike SB Bruin in the past, but many of you have inundated me with comments requesting a review of the new Nike Bruin Reacts. So, who am I to deny my people? This is my comprehensive review of the Nike SB Bruin React T.

The React Technology

Look at all these chemical reactions going on – that’s what they meant when they said “React.” They were waiting for me to make the animation with all the reactions in the background, so that’s why I did that.

Key Features:

  1. Flexibility and Lightweight Design:
  • Nike poses a question in the first line of the description for these shoes: “Want a flexible, lightweight shoe that you can ride all day?” Well, so do we.
  • The Nike SB Bruin React T is built for durability, featuring a low-top design with springy, responsive Nike React foam.
  • Suede on the forefoot ensures durability where it’s needed most, while fabric on the midfoot keeps your feet cool.
  • Reinforced materials in high-wear areas reduce blowouts.
  • A Nike Drop-In React insole made from lightweight, durable foam delivers a smooth and responsive ride.
  1. Enhanced Design:
  • The new cup sole design is more flexible than a standard rubber cup sole.
  • Special seasonal colorways make these shoes shine under the spotlight.
  • Perforations on the inner heel help vent out heat and reduce sweat.
  • The longitude and latitude numbers on the side of the heel represent the coordinates for where the Olympics would have been held this year, showcasing Nike’s attention to detail and design.


When I first put these shoes on my feet, I couldn’t remember the last time a shoe felt this stiff. Despite the initial stiffness, they are surprisingly comfortable. However, there’s a concern with the laces as the top lace ripped within the first few hours of skating. The placement of these laces makes them prone to damage due to flicking.

The outsole isn’t super thick, and the edges rounded out quickly. However, the flick remained consistent, though it wasn’t as responsive as some other Nike models I’ve skated in the past. The complex tread pattern didn’t significantly improve grip; the material itself made the shoe grippy, as evidenced by the squeaking sound when stepping on the ground.

The insole provided high hopes for impact protection, but I eventually swapped them out for my own insoles due to discomfort. It’s essential to protect your feet, especially when jumping down obstacles with these shoes.


The Nike SB Bruin React T boasts a unique and eye-catching design. The multiple Nike logos in different colors and placements on the shoe add a distinctive touch that sets them apart from other Nike models. They may appear slim and sleek online, but in person, they tend to lose their shape and become bulkier with wear.


After a week of skating, these shoes held up reasonably well. I did experience issues with ripped laces and wear on the lace enclosure. The upper also showed signs of tear in the heel flip area. While they may not be the most durable shoes, they could last a month or more, depending on your skating style.


If you prefer cup sole shoes and can afford the price tag of $107, the Nike SB Bruin React T is worth a try. However, I’ll keep testing and reviewing new shoes every week, so let me know in the comments which shoes you’d like me to review next. Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe for more skateboarding shoe reviews, and stay tuned for the Shoe of the Year episode coming on December 28th at 12 p.m. And guess what? New merch is dropping too, so don’t miss out! Thanks for watching; I’ll see you soon!

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