Nike Pegasus 39 Shield Review

nike pegasus 39 shield

The Nike Pegasus 39 Shield is a specialized version of the popular Pegasus line, designed to offer comfort and protection against the elements, making it an attractive option for runners who don’t let weather conditions dictate their training schedule. This review will cover its key features, performance, and overall value to help you decide if it’s the right sneaker for your needs.

Nike Pegasus 39 Shield Design and Build Quality

The Nike Pegasus 39 Shield maintains the sleek and athletic aesthetic characteristic of the Pegasus line but adds elements designed for weather resistance. The upper is crafted with a water-repellent material, helping to keep your feet dry in rainy conditions. Reflective elements are strategically placed around the shoe for visibility during low-light conditions, an essential feature for runners who prefer early morning or late evening runs.

Despite its additional protective features, the shoe does not feel overly bulky and maintains a relatively lightweight profile, thanks in part to its breathable mesh upper that also features weather-resistant properties. The build quality is solid, as expected from Nike, with durable materials that can withstand the rigors of daily runs in varying conditions.

Nike Pegasus 39 Shield Comfort and Fit

The Pegasus 39 Shield, like its predecessors, focuses heavily on comfort. It features Nike’s React foam midsole, which offers responsive cushioning that balances softness and support, making it suitable for long runs. The shoe provides a secure fit, with a midfoot webbing system that tightens around your foot as you lace up, ensuring stability without sacrificing comfort.

The toe box offers ample room without feeling too spacious, accommodating natural foot expansion during runs. However, some users may find the fit a bit snug, especially with thick socks, so trying them on before purchasing or considering a half-size up might be advisable for those with wider feet.

Nike Pegasus 39 Shield Performance

In terms of performance, the Pegasus 39 Shield excels in providing a smooth and stable ride across various surfaces. The outsole features a storm-tread wet traction pattern, specifically designed to handle wet conditions better than standard running shoes. This traction ensures confidence-inspiring grip on wet roads and light trails, allowing for uninterrupted training schedules regardless of the weather.

The water-repellent properties of the upper material effectively keep feet dry, although in heavy downpours, some moisture may eventually seep through. The reflective elements are a thoughtful addition, significantly enhancing visibility during runs in poor light.

Nike Pegasus 39 Shield Overall Value

The Nike Pegasus 39 Shield is priced slightly higher than the standard Pegasus 39 due to its enhanced weather-resistant features. However, for runners who frequently find themselves facing wet and dark conditions, the premium is justifiable for the level of protection and performance the shoe offers.


The Nike Pegasus 39 Shield is a robust all-weather running shoe that doesn’t compromise on comfort or performance. Its weather-resistant features, combined with the trusted Pegasus design and Nike’s React foam technology, make it an excellent choice for runners seeking a versatile shoe that can handle a variety of conditions. While it may come at a premium price, its durability, performance, and the level of protection it offers from the elements make it a worthy investment for serious runners.

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